13 Jun. 2008


It's Stephanie Wong reporting ALL THE WAY from Melbourne :) For those of you who didn't know, I attended the Planetshakers Women's Conference called Beautiful Woman last weekend.

It was unbelievable awesome! :)

The sermons were really good. The band was FABULOUS, of course. And most importantly, His presence was there :)

Anyways, there was this ONE sermon that I really wanted to share with all of you. It's based on Luke 15:11-32.

It's the story of The Prodigal Son. Now most of the sermons we've heard (or at least me anyways) were all about the youngest son . This one that I heard however, was about the eldest son who complained when his father threw a party+killed a big fat, juicy calf *cue Chuen's stomach to rumble* for his brother.

The eldest son felt that he had missed out on the blessings just like how a lot of us feel sometimes. How many times have we asked God: Why didn't I get this? OR Why did he get that when I should have gotten it?

BUT what the eldest son failed to realize (along with the rest of us or maybe just me again) is that HE OWNED THE FREAKING FARM!!!!

Allow me to explain.

See the father gave everything to his sons right? And being the eldest, not only does he get the first pick but he also get DOUBLE of what his younger brother had.

So he HAS 2/3 of the farm whereas his brother HAD 1/3 of the farm (having squandered it on God knows what) and ONE MEASLY CALF which will end up in some random people's digestive system anyways!!

Some people are so greedy.... :)

What I think the conclusion is is that we sometimes fail to realize what God has already blessed us with and begin to focus on what others get. The example that the pastor used was of a girl who didn't receive a prophesy from the pastor but her friend did. The girl became jealous and asked God why she didn't get one too. God then replied that He wanted to tell her Himself!

So I OWN THE FARM, people :) How about you?

Another thing is that the eldest brother said that he SLAVED away for the father. Thus, it made him even more peeved I suppose when his LAZY brother had a special party thrown for him.

The pastor said that some of us feel that we have to work extra hard to please our Father. We don't! He is already pleased with us NO MATTER what we do! That doesn't mean that we can just sit around though :) The most important thing is that we POSITION ourselves where He wants us to be! Do work/Serve Him out of what He tells you. It doesn't matter WHERE you do it (i.e. the toilets, kitchen, stage, kids) because they're ALL the same to God. If you can work in one ministry, then you can surely work in another.

That's all for now! :) Melbourne rocks!