15 Apr. 2008

O Come all Ye faithful!

Ok dosen't mean if you don't come you're not faithful hahha..OK jokes aside.

This sunday's Connect group will be at...............

Venue : THE VILLAGE@ Grote St
Time : Straight after Service

After service we will head to chinatown to grab out own lunch then heard down to the village

The discussion questions for this week are :

1) What experiences or accomplishments do i place high value in my life.

2) In what areas of my life do i try to take control and play God?

3) A situation that i can give God praise for!

Come ready and expectant to listen , encourage and pray for one another!

See ya!


3 Apr. 2008

Meet Meet Meet!

Hey Guys and Gals!

We're meeting this sunday for connect group again!
Its gonna be at the coolest place in adelaide :) (You'll see why..)

Where : 18 COOLAH Street, Kilburn
Time : Straight after 11am service

We'll try to get everyone transported to another side of adelaide and...
Lunch will be provided so we don't have to be like scattered sheep
We can graze together haha..
ok Anyways

The questions that we're gonna share about are..

1) Your Journey of getting to know Christ personally
2) How are you speaking Jesus in your world?

Its gonna be a very relaxed session, so don't be too stressed about having to share and do public speaking. haha..

Looking forward to see all of you :)