20 Aug 2008

Listen UP!

Hey Beautiful people!

Hope that you're doing well so far its almost the end of the week!

Here are the details for connect group this week :)

18 Coolah St , Kilburn (Along Prospect Road)

We'll be having dinner and then we'll go into a time of sharing and prayer.

In this time of transition as a church moving into our new city building
Edge conference happening in less then 3 weeks!
Assignments and exams happening all at the same time.

Its easy to get caught up in the routine of it and fail to hear what God is saying to you .
So take some time to quieten yourself and hear what he is saying to you :)

Lets come together and share about these :

1) In what ways does God speak to you?
2) what has he been speaking to you about personally?

Looking forward to see you!



7 Aug 2008

Hey Gorgeous ppl!

For tis saturday's connect group we're just gonna have a time of connection and chilling out!

There's a few new people joining us so be sure to make them feel welcome :)

Everyone's gonna bring a dish so we'll have plenty of food as always!

Time : 5.30pm
Venue : 8A Trott Grove , Oaklands Park
Things to bring : Your stomach, your mouth and your heart!

Looking forward to see you!!

Much love