14 Jun. 2007

Logged these Dates In!

Hi Gorgeous Gals!!

How have you all been?

Steph & Chelsie, have you been and seen all in Sydney already? Must be enjoying sweet moments with your boyfriends yeah.

Su! Eat more ya, so you have an extra layer to keep you warm when you return!

And for the rest of you studying hard for exams, press on, don't give up, you are nearing the finishing line! Keep your eyes on God & draw your strength and wisdom from Him.

ACCELERATE IS BACK!!! We had an awesome night of prayer & praise and listening to Ps Johnathan and Ps Jason shared and stirred us in our faith and perspectives. I don't know about the rest of you, though I've heard Ps Jason preached that message for the 3rd time, there was still much to capture from it.

Logged these dates in!!

1) 24 June, Connect Group!

I would love for us to gather and catch up for 1 hour after service, following lunch as it has been a long time and a few of us will be away at Hillsong the following Sunday.

Please come prepared to share just 1 thing that God has been speaking to you since the last meeting we had at the Village.

Bring your pens & notebooks as I have a word which God has spoken to me & which I would love to challenge you as we prepare to step into the 2nd half of the year!

God is going to amazing things in and through us! Can't wait!

2) 27 June, Accelerate Cafe Night after an hour of praise, worship and prayer!

3) 29 June, Edge Generation One. Come along as Boost, Stomp & Accelerate gather for an awesome night with Ps Mike Gug. At the last generation meetings, there was such a powerful release of His Spirit as the young people of the church gather and celebrate our differences yet stand united for our generations in prayer, praise & worship!

If you are going to be back in Adelaide for service this Sunday, please contact Jasmine or Sarah for transport arrangements.

At the end of service, whilst hanging around, lets gather in pairs, and those not having exams, grab someone whose brains are being fried, and pray with them!

Love ya all!

5 Jun. 2007


Jetstar just launched their mid-year sales ....

Sydney --> Kuala Lumpur costs bout AUD650 return (airfares + tax)
No direct flights from Adelaide though ... sadly ... only Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane ...

Travel periods : 9/9/07-15/10/07 or 16/10/07-12/12/07

While stocks last !!!! Hurry hurry !!! For those home-sick Malaysians .... and of course Singaporeans .. akekekkekeke .....
SALE PERIOD : 5/6 - 8/6 !!!!!